In 1990 lead singer/songwriter Ewan Arthur Scargill Welsh was born into the largest coal mining family in Europe.
Getting into music at the age of ten found him discovering the mad and riotous world of the mods and punks where The Who, The Jam, The Specials, The Clash and Ian Dury blared endlessley out of crappy little bedroom hi-fi speakers. The future stage was set.

A few years later, in the garden shed of a house party in Silverdale, Newcastle Under Lyme,  he met guitarist Mathew Flynn who shared the same passion for Pete Doherty and all things mod.
Matthew had performed regularly in local pubs, having loved the guitar from an early age where the desire to learn far outweighed the difficulty of a song.
He taught Ewan the basics of the guitar which quickly turned into freestyling lyrics and chords.
A friendship, and the birth of the band was fledged, with lots of original story-telling type material being written in those early days.

A few years on they met musically obsessed, and all round crazy person, drummer Rob Stevens from which regular jam sessions developed.
Rob had grown up on a diet of Bob Dylan, The Kinks, and all that classic 60's stuff his parents were into. He then studied audio engineering and went to cut his teeth at Mother West Studios in New York, producing loads of alternative bands such as The Magnetic Fields and The Davenports.
The next 2 years were invaluable for his music industry experience, which is when he self penned his motto "you can't polish a turd but you can mix the shit out of it".
After returning to the UK, Rob was performing one night with his band The Hinds at the Old Brown Jug venue in Newcastle Under Lyme. Ewan, who was in the crowd and now chomping at the creative bit, decided it was time to start his own band.........and what a band it would turn out to be!!!
He eventually enrolled Rob, and THE STUFF was born.

The bands' timeline later found them playing at the famous Underground venue in Stoke, and subsequently they met Liverpudlian Jimmy Ashworth who opened the show on the night.
A talented soloist and man of all things guitar, Jimmy was so impressed with the band that he agreed to fill the role as bassist. His experienced backgound of solo live performance and huge influences taken from the Eagles and the Beatles added an extra dimension to the line up, which was now complete.

The angry music born out of Ewan's early influences lives on, but now the crappy bedroom speakers have changed to a blistering PA system, with songs that still tell the stories of their early days...

The STUFF are well reheased and popular, reliving the energy of an era in music that will never die, and taking the modern punk scene by storm!!!

I don't think punk ever really dies,
because the punk rock attitude will never die
                              - ​BILLY IDOL